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How to find Secondary Purpose of Life?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

“Yes. You heard correct it’s about finding secondary purpose of life and reaching to the principal purpose of life. Many of us fight really hard for earn for living, but in battle of surviving, we are not heeding something that make us find the “secondary purpose of life”. It’s the most indispensable aspect that we must focus on. Finding it and nurturing it, will give us life. People are very fortunate who discover it at early age of their life. It makes them to reach final destination.”

So, what is the second purpose of life? What is it every human being must know?

Yeah. It’s the one compatible thing between humans and their lives which earns everything. It’s an expertise every human being owns and works. Many people call it as passion, burning desire, aspiration and etc. That one thing gets your life better and makes you move progressively ahead of all. It is very tough to acquire or discover it. It’s a process. For some, it takes life to get this.

Here are some ways to find the secondary purpose of life.

Always better to have likes and dislikes:

Being selective with activities in your life is important but segmentation of activities is foremost important. Keeping list of them is helpful to you in assessing. When you are in dilemma that you like it or accept the fact of rejecting an activity, it doesn’t work for you, it makes you dawdle. You better be step aside and focus on other interests.

Knowing a real person in you:

I always want to tell something that you must read yourself carefully than others. Communicate your inner you, groom the person in you, be friendly & be the most responsive to inner you because when you don’t the person in you, you can’t direct yourself to find something for you.

Observation on your attitude while working on something:

People get scared when they are told to do tasks. They delay things to work on. They think a lot rather than doing. Reasons against finding something occurs. If your attitude towards something is always creating a new problem rather than working on solution, then it’s not your thing get involved.

When you get feeling of always being thirsted to jump into that thing, note that it’s yours. You are working for your thing.

Make a habit of trying new habits:

Make a habit of something, be with it for some time and experience it fully. Replace it with another. It’s always good to change habits periodically because you get chance of learning about characteristics, you can find something you love doing it.

Do not let somebody guide you all the time in decision making:

Try new challenges on your own, fail in them, get experience from it, tune yourself and try again. This improves independent decision-making quality. So, that you can get where you want to go in your life.

Listen to subconscious mind:

If something is always keeps chasing you subconsciously, you should give a try at least. The subconscious mind is a root process of each activity. Even if you’re not being honest with you, the subconscious mind chases you to take honest decisions. It’s an ideal way to get to your thing. So, listen to it.

But why we need to discover secondary purpose of life? Why is it secondary? What is primary purpose of life?

“Life is created to make other lives better directly or indirectly. That’s what the definition of life is. That’s the only and primary purpose everyone owns in the world. To earn it, one thing is for sure to be done i.e., find your thing, excel in it and make other lives better. Otherwise mastery of secondary purpose is beneficial for nothing.”

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