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Computer Vision

The goal of computer vision problems is to use the observed image data to infer something about the world. Video motion analysis, Classification, Object Detection, Image segmentation, Scene reconstruction, Image restoration are main techniques.

Natural Language Processing

NLP helps computers to perform operations like humans such as Virtual assistance, Machine translation, Sentiment analyis. Text classification, Semantic analysis, Entity recognition, Language auto-correction & Topic modelling are main techniques.

Time Series Forecasting

The goal of time series forecasting however, is to predict a future value or classification at a particular point in time. Analysis of time series data such as sales forecasting, inventory analysis, stock market analysis, price forecasting etc.

Recommendation Systems

Recommending products on e-com portals based on Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Filtering. Image and Text based are the top system. Recommendations will become an integral part of the Media and Entertainment industry in the near future. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We deploy end-to-end solutions into your existing systems. We provide complete Cloud based end-to-end AI solutions. We get most of IT infra if require to fulfill end-to-end solution. We configure according to user requirement. Integration is more flexible. 

We Can Help You Solve

Unlimited use cases according Businees Problem 

The use cases following below of various industries are mentioned according to the demand in the current scenario. LSTMs is open to implement wide range of AI solutions with respective to the Business requirement. 

Object Detection

Facial Recognition

Document or KYC Verification

Medical Image


Moving Violations Detection

Optical Character Recognition


Virtual Assistants



Speech Recognition

Machine Translation

Text Analytics 

Email Filtering

Named Entity






Data Anlytics

Data Mining

Motion Tracking

Pose Estimation

Price or Sales




Supply Chain Optimization

Product Recommendation

Profile or User Recommendation


Automation with Robotics

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