Why Data Science and Artifical Intelligence are most In-demand skills

What is data science ? What is Artificial Intelligence?

Don't google or search somewhere for data science definition, you will end up googling some more technical terms like domain expertise and most scary terms like mathematics and statistics. In summary, you will end up creating more data while doing this. Remember the inclined part, will discuss after.

A simple definition is, make understand of past data to avoid current or future problems. Artificial Intelligence is an agent which is capable of doing all these activities with knowledge in form of past experiences instead of Human being.

Why is it so important?

In day to day life, everyone is producing enormous data in form of text, images, audio, video etc., with mobiles, laptops and many other portable devices. This data is utilized by companies to make their businesses better. Confused ? Let me explain clearly. Lets say, for example, whenever you insert email address in your new mobile phone, google captures all your information and saves in google drive. Google AI engines process your photos, videos and location history to make recommendations to you that is making your life somple. But actual truth is, they are making their business model much stronger and profitable. Likewise many compnies, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and May big tech companies. So, Data is very important now. The data is exponentially generated. When it comes to exponential, we are generating data with high speed compared to years ago.

That is where data science come into the picture.

Is it right time to learn Data Science and Artifical Intelligence?

Yes. Data science requirement in this world is at beginner stage as generation of data is being increased. After 5-10 years from now data will be generated much faster and simplier than what is being generated now.

One very important aspect is Data science and Artificial Intelligence main ingredient is Data. In every industry data gets generated. So, Data science and Artificial Intelligence requirement is in almost every industry or everywhere in this universe. The above two main factors tell about the importance of Data science and Artificial Intelligence in coming years. It is right time to learn these skills. The future is going to be more effort less with help of data science and artificial intelligence.

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