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Reasons Why The Education System Should Be Different According To Elon Musk

The conventional education system is very bad and boring according to Elon Musk. He also says getting a Harvard degree is not necessary to do something good in life. He said in an interview once that school and colleges are actually for fun, they are not required to learn something.

This is Elon’s perspective on the conventional education system. I have listed out some reasons why his perception of the conventional education system is true and how exactly the education system should be according to Elon Musk.

A Video while Elon talking about education :

“I hate when people confuse education with intelligence. You can have a bachelors degree and still be an idiot.” -Elon Musk

All students are same in Current Education System point of View

The current education system can measure the abilities of Children or Students in the very same way for all. The Objectives and Curriculums are the same. That is why we have different Grades in the education system where only a few score high. Children don't even know why they need to study according to the curriculum.

Elon wants children to pursue their education like playing video games. Playing video games is not like literally playing video games, which exactly means the process of education must be likable as every child loves to play video games. It has to be activity oriented instead of reading & writing etc. The activities have to improve their interests. So the current system is addressing every student the same.

How diverse Human Beings are?

Every human on this planet is so diverse. Human brain architecture is so different from human to human. Everyone has their own interests and the way of understanding towards each subject is different like fingerprints. The fingerprints are unique likewise the understanding of every subject for humans is different.

In order to excel in one specific area, education should also be taught differently for every student. From the very initial level of education, it must be different to various students. Students can pick things very easily where their understanding approach is good. This helps them focus in their area at a very young age rather than classic ways such as completion of graduation etc.

Running behind Paperback Syllabus

In the modern era, paperback syllabus earns you only a degree which is almost not necessary when you want to choose a self employable career and most importantly when you want to do something good rather than an 8 hours job. Learning skills is important over earning a degree. Elon believes the same.

Actually, it is true that anybody can learn any type of skill over the internet world for free. We can learn any skill with limited resources. Practical skills are more valuable than paperback degrees.

Lecturing methods

In our education system, we only focus on the things we know and the things we discover, but we do not try to teach on the problems we have in the world. That’s where students will understand the requirement and necessity of skills and education.

In the current system, the lecture methods make no sense as it deploys students to solve very difficult mathematical equations without knowing their application or use case. This will ultimately not solve the current problems in the world.

Benefits with Elon's Education System?

World problems are solved if we have more experts in the world in respective fields. We have more problems in the world in every segment of civilization. We can research and be ready with solutions. We can explore deep space and humans can reach unlimited depths of it like how aliens do. We can also deploy machines where humans can work in hazardous environments. Dangerous health issues can also be prevented and increase the average age of human species.


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